Truth About the Truth! Are you brave enough to take a look?

Let’s Think out of the Box! Will you dare?

Haggel before buy


To buy a shirt or top you might be going to plenty of shop to find the right one. But how can you just follow a religion without any research or investigation?


It is important to research the faith you are just jumping in. Does it make sense? Research its Origins. Do not look at the people and their actions who invite you. Search the original Doctrine and History. Later it will be difficult for you to quit for lots of reasons.


Did you notice how many tops you look before you buy one Or the pair of shoes. Imagine that you buy a house without having any knowledge about it. You have to search about it a lot before you buy. Then how much it is worth to join a faith without any search. This entity of life will effect every aspect of your life.


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